Jennifer L. Meyer

Illustrations & Comic Art

I am a freelance illustrator, my artwork has won two awards from Society of Illustrators West and been featured several times in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.

Select Clients: Disney, Fisher Price, Dark Horse Comics, Tor, Macmillan, IDW, Scholastic, Square Fish, Harper Festival Books

My Agent: Shannon Associates
(currently not on Fiverr or Facebook)

copyright JLMeyer and appropriate companies (Disney, Macmillian, Tor, etc..) Write for use.


Picture Book:
Saving Emma the Pig

from the movie The Biggest Little Farm and a short seen on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday.

Picture book:
If I Could give you Christmas

published by Disney books.

Picture Book
Mother's Prayer

set in 1875 Copenhagen Denmark

Board Book with gold foil cover touches:
A Little Owl

Graphic Novel
Star Wars Adventures: Chewbacca and the slavers of the Shadowlands

Comic Short from Fable Comics by First Second books.

Chapter Book Series
by Jacqueline Kelly
Calpurnia Tate: Girl Vet
A Squirrelly Situation, A Prickly Problem, Squirrely Situation, Who Gives a Hoot, Counting Sheep and Skunked

Chapter Book series
by W. Bruce Cameron

Lily to the Rescue
Two Little Piggies
and next:
The not so stinky skunk
Dog Dog Goose

Twilight Sparkle for the Magic the Gathering card by Wotc.

Part of the Ponies the Galloping set for charity with Extra Life.

The 2 person card game:
The Fox in the Forest.

The cards were divided into 3 colors, I set them into portraits at Fall (orange) Night (purple) and Snow (blue)

A series 4 covers for My LIttle Pony Nightmare Knights.

I had been wanting to do a Mucha inspired piece and was excited to showcase the amazing light/fire hair.

for Fraction magazine
Title: Stealing Exilibur

When approached I shared a sketch idea I had a tad earlier. I was excited for the chance to do some classic fantasy. Thanks~

for the Valentine issue of Cricket Magazine.

Different rough ideas and the drawing. Loved the chance to paint a dragon and deserts!

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copyright JLMeyer and appropriate companies (Disney, Macmillian, Tor, etc..) Write for use.