How I work

(or my work default setting)


                copyrighted by the various companies

I like using color and light to tell/enhance a story

Muted colors for the sadder parts of the story, red for the implied danger (It was fun doing research for the time period too.

Color roughs of the first few pages along with the second idea for the apple page and the final

Level of initial roughs will vary from company to company depending on their needs/time table.

I like to start with rough thumbnails.

Many pages had several ideas, including the cover & the arrival of the babies

(all for the same page below)

I was so happy the company let me put bunnies in the background, In the night hall sequence you can see the painting rabbits wake up and watch the characters. I love putting in find it/easter egg stuff for people to have fun noticing (when the companies let me =)

From Mother’s Prayer