2017 Feb

2017  Jan

Released May 2017

Limited edition poster to celebrate the last Merit book by Chloe Neill

2017 Summer

Cards & Box cover

Awards & Competitions:

Society of Illustrators West 53: Bronze award in comics & Merit 

Society of Illustrators West 52: Bronze Award in comics & Merit

Spectrum: Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art: 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, and 19

3x3 Picture Book Show No.11:  Merit and Honorable Mention

Papier 1, Fantasy +5,  Dartiste Digital Painting 2

Select Clients:
Scholastic, Harper Festival, Henry Holt, Disney Hyperion, Ladybug Magazine, Spider Magazine,
Wizards of the Coast, IDW, First Second Books, Dark Horse Comics

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