It’s a delight to reinterpret stories!  Below are various stories & fairy tales:

Robin Hood and his Merry Men greeting travelers.

The Three Musketeers

Hansel and Gretel Sketch

The Witch’s House, designed to be a candy monster.

Fox and the Crow in comic form.

(Early Sketch: right)

I wanted a reason for the Cheese and nice clothes.

Puss in Boots in comic form (part of)

I designed the characters and location.

A human super hero comic book series: I was flattered to be asked to reinterpret the characters as bunnies.

Robin Hood Cast

Princess Leia

as a kid, having fun

Alice in Wonderland

Wonder Woman in Minimalist Bunny Style

The phoenix sword. The fire bird trapped in a sword, discovered by a young Canadian...after she died. Now with the attention of Death Gods and the original owners, she races to free the bird.