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Clients have included: Disney, Fisher Price, Dark Horse Comics, IDW, Macmillian, Scholastic, Little Brown Young ReadersProjects worked on have included: Fox in the Forest, Bella Sara, Jim Henson's Storyteller Comic, Duel Master Cards, MLP/MTG, The Last Unicorn Pin Up. TMNT, Usagi-Yojimbo, and My Little Pony covers,

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Illustrated over 20+ books including Star Wars Adventures: Chewbacca, Bella Sara, If You Were My Valentine, Saving Emma the Pig, Calpurania Tate: Girl Vet, Lily to the Rescue, and Cleo Edision Oliver

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Curious about the worlds in my head: BEHOLD

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Illustrator of books, friend to rabbits, eater of M&M cookies. Co-existing with my fish, Zombie.Winner of 2 awards from Society of Illustrator West, Accepted into SOIW 60, 59, 53, 52, nominated for a comic award in Spectrum 20 and appeared in Spectrum of Fantastic Art 19-24

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Disclosure: I am an affiliate of where your purchases support local bookstores. I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I appreciate your support of the books, independent book stores and me, Thank you so much!

A companion picture book to the award-winning film, "The Biggest Little Farm"!When Emma the pig arrives at the Apricot Lane Farm, she is about to give birth to piglets. But she is also sick, and after her seventeen babies arrive, Emma is unable to care for them.Taking care of seventeen piglets and a sick mama pig is a challenge for Farmer John and his team. But the cure for Emma reminds them what is most important—for pigs and for humans: love and friendship.

Valentine's Day is for cuddles, sweet treats, silly games, and spending time with the ones we hold dear. Join all kinds of animals and their valentines—from rabbits and puffins, to cougars and otters, to a bigger-than-big whale—in this cozy picture book celebration of love.

A Little Owl follows a day in the life owl! Little ones will learn all about the baby owl called an owlet. What do they do when they are born? How and what do they eat? When the sun rises the little owls snuggle with their mother in the nest and head off to sleep to wait for the night sky. Mixing sweet illustrations with interesting facts for grown-ups and toddlers alike

This sweet story about animal parents and children reminds readers of the best part of Christmas—sharing beautiful songs, special stories, fun games, and favorite treats with the ones we love most, big and small.

From Newbery honor author Jacqueline Kelly comes Skunked!, a new illustrated chapter book series for younger readers featuring the beloved characters from The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate.“This engaging introductory chapter book contains the added benefit of introducing readers to science and nature terminology as well as a bit of Texas history…Entertaining, humorous, and informative.”—School Library Journal (starred review on Skunked!: Calpurnia Tate, Girl Vet)(left illustrations from various Calpurnia books, Pen & Ink with digital washes)
I illustrated all 6 books for Calpurnia Tate Girl Vet

I illustrated Lily to the Rescue Books 1-4A 2020 National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) Winner!
An irresistible chapter book series from the New York Times bestselling author of A Dog's Purpose Puppy Tales featuring Lily, a rescue dog who rescues other animals!

Journey back nearly two hundred years before the events in A New Hope as Chewbacca relates a story from his youth on Kashyyyk. Determined to prove themselves eligible for the rites of adulthood, Chewie and his young friends venture into the perilous Shadowlands in search of adventure. But they find far more than they bargained for when they stumble upon slavers plotting a raid on the Wookiee village.

I illustrated 4 books for Bella Sara, both the covers and interiors. Left first and last black and white are from Coral with the other three from Amia.Covers are pencil with digital paint and interiors are hand drawn pencils with digital washes.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of where your purchases support local bookstores. I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I appreciate your support of the books, independent book stores and me, Thank you so much!

Personal Art


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Client Work

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Client Work Comic Art

Figh-Bunny (in ink) is the most recent comic piece

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