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Dream-like, timeless, relaxing...
I've Illustrated over 20+ books, multiple covers to comics and various cards.
I am honored to be invited to work on someone's I.P and particularly enjoy ones I am a fan of.
My artwork has won two awards from Society of Illustrators West and been featured several times in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.

Select Clients: Disney, Fisher Price, Little Brown & Company, Dark Horse Comics, Tor, WOTC, Macmillan, IDW, Scholastic, Square Fish, Harper Festival Books, First Second

books I have illustrated

  • If I Could Give You Christmas by Lynn Plourde (PB & BB)

  • If You Were My Valentine by Lynn Plourde (PB)

  • Saving Emma the Pig by John Chester (PB)

  • Mother's Prayer by Linda K. Burton (PB)

  • ALittle Owl (BB)

  • Lily to the Rescue (4 Chapter books)

  • Calpurnia Tate: Girl Vet (6 chapter books)

  • Cleo Edison Oliver (2 chapter books)

  • Bella Sara (4 Books)

  • Garden Witch's Herbal (botanical book)

Graphic Novel & anthology/short stories I have illustrated

  • Star Wars Adventures: Chewbacca & the slavers of the shadowlands (GN)

  • Pimento in Bandette Vol 1

  • Puss in Boots in Jim Henson's Storyteller

  • 2 stories in Plants vs Zombies: Bully for You

  • Fox & Crow in Fable Comics by First Second books.

(PB) Picture Book (BB) Board Book (GN) Graphic Novel

Interior Illustrations

In order: A Little Owl, pencil is from the Bella Sara books, Saving Emma the Pig, Inks are from Lily to the Rescue, If I Could Give You Christmas, and inks are from Capurnia Tate Girl Vet.

Comic Covers

Comic Interiors

Samples from: My story, The Bunny General: Attack at Mushroom Pass, Aesop's Ark, Star Wars Adventures: Chewbacca, and Fox & the Crow.


Photo & light STudy Sketches

Original Photo credits: Chickens from Apricot Lane Farms, Hummingbird: Bianca Soares (@hijadelbosque), Tulips: me, Duck: several screen shots of viral video.
Humans: Howard Lyon's Photo reference


I'm a freelance digital color/ traditional ink/ happy pencil artist living in the US south.
It's just me and my one lovely illustration/book agent Shannon Associates. (occasionally bunnies, birds, and frogs come by to say hi! =)

How do you work? What media do you work in? How big are your originals?

Pencil :
mechanical pencil. Sizes : 0.3, 0.5, and a 1.1. With Pentel or Kuru Toga leads at 2B and B. Going to try Neox Graphite. Generally on the look out for a smooth dark line. Always love the Kuru Toga mechanical pencils.
Ink :
I work with Copic Multiliner SP 0.05, 0.03 and 0.1. I also use a white gel pen, the Uniball signo.
Color :
for my book illustrations, I use Photoshop with a Cintiq. I do the drawings by hand then scan them to paint digitally. My online color sketches (seen on Twitter and Instagram) are usually done in copic marker and pens ( copic sp multiliner or Faber Castell size F) or in Photoshop.
Size :
I work small, many of my online sketches are done in a 5x7 hardbound sketchbook. The White Rabbit shown is about 3 inches tall. Most of my client work is done to size. I work bigger on covers and things that need to look tighter when finished.

For the White Rabbit:

I colored the lines brown in Photoshop then set it to multiply and painted under the lines (you can see layer 1 set to multiply, layer 2 is my color layer)

Below Left:
Drawn by hand then digitally painted in Photoshop (like above).
reads: top left then down
I used light and color in here to help the story. Light for eye direction, emotional indication, and symbolic meaning. Red was both for the climax/potential danger and historically accurate to the area (I enjoy doing research).

Below Right:
Preliminary color roughs for Emma the Pig. I used approved color roughs to start the paintings.

What are your artistic influences

Alphonse Mucha
Albert Bierstadt
T. S. Sullivant
Kawase Hasui
Classic National Park Posters
Frederic Church
John Singer Sargent

What Cards have you done:

1 card for MLP/ Magic the Gathering, 2 cards for Duel Masters and Many cards for Bella Sara.

Where can I buy your stuff:

I have only 3 places with my prints, occasional bookmarks/stickers/pins and its super rare for me to sell originals (which are small pencil/inks/copic markers): My store, a store for Magic The Gathering, and F(r)iction (the original magazine it was done for) of the Water Nymph.
Because of contract obligations I can't sell my art on any free sites (ex: Red Bubble/Zazzle/Instagram etc).

My books:


About personal commissions, email me directly. Commissions can be a wait. Contact me via email at artist@jennifer-meyer.com. If you need a form to fill out for email, there is one in my store under contact.
All email from me will be from artist@jennifer-meyer.com

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